Minerva Area Christian School exists to provide a Christian environment where total education for all of life can take place.

We know that there are many practical benefits to this focus. For example, our students tend to do better academically, and their better work and study habits can translate into better higher education, and then better jobs, when the children are grown. But these are only side benefits. Our primary purpose is to help parents from every walk of life to raise their children in the Lord Jesus. Everything else is secondary to that.

No other type of school has the same mission. Even the very best public schools have no choice but to be neutral regarding questions of faith, morality, and Christian character. MACS is not neutral. Our purpose is to actively work with families and churches in order to make real the biblical truth that Christ is to have the central place in every area of life. Not just "church things" and not just in personal morality (important as that may be!), but in every activity of life.

We are here to serve your family – Educating children today and for eternity!


Minerva First Christian Church and School