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Updated June 15

There is a need to begin a Celebrate Recovery chapter that would meet in  Minerva.  This  has  been  talked  about  for  some  years.  The  churches  are trying  to  raise  between  us  about  a  dozen  volunteers  to  see  that  weekly meetings are planned, we could offer this to address the issues of addiction. We  envision  that  this  would  be  a  program  upheld  not  by  volunteers  from one church, but by our area churches together. If you would like to service with the Celebrate Recovery Program, see Pastor Dale.

Walsh University would like to work with Minerva churches to establish a Community Garden in Minerva this growing season. If you would be interested in being part of the project, contact Pastor Harvey Wheeler @ 330-868-4940, or Pastor Dale.


Vacation Bible School 


August 5th - 9th 6:15 - 8:30 P.M. 

Mark your calendars! It will be here before we know it!! 

Scientists (Teachers), Snack coordinators, game coordinators, 

photographer, assistants in all areas are all needed. 

Contact Zach @ 330-417-4834 

“Discovering Jesus from Eternity Past to Eternity Future”



Re-ignite Sunday 

August 19th 

“Celebrating the divine history of MFCC, worshipping our Lord 

and Savor today, and taking the first step to a bright and 

glorious future prepared for us by God.” 




The CIY Envelope Board will be in the lobby for the next several weeks. You will see envelopes on the board with a label ranging from $1 to $100. We encourage you to take the envelope with the label of the amount of money you believe God is calling you to give. Please donate your amount of money by putting the envelope with your cash or check in the offering plate on Sunday morning, or bringing the envelope to the church office during the week with your cash or check enclosed. Make checks out to “Minerva First Christian Church” with the memo line reading “CIY.” This donation may seem small or insignificant, but any amount of money makes a student one step closer to falling in love with Jesus, and that is our ultimate goal at MFCC. You’ve already been so gracious with the CIY Breakfast Fundraisers every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month from 8 to 9 a.m. and we appreciate it so much! We also will be having car washes in the near future to earn more money for CIY as well!

   August 5-9                                  "TIME LAB" VBS                      6:15 - 8:30 p.m.
      August 19                                    Re-Ignite Sunday                                   10:15 a.m.


Minerva First Christian Church and School